الأحد، 15 نوفمبر 2015

Amr Abd Elhady Writes : Alignment! Are you kidding me!

   One of my followers searched in my archive and found a tweet for me that was published in 22 November 2013 – seven days after leaving Egypt. In that tweet, I was calling for the alignment among all different components of January revolution to face the coup. After every sacrifices made by the revolutionaries in the streets I used to used all kinds of media to call for alignment and kept saying no freedom without alignment. I kept advising January revolutionaries to go down to the streets and stay together to let people forget what they did and to prove that they were worth to lead. When we started ( we're the solution ) initiative at 17th  January 2015 the main target was to assure those youth who participated in 30 June that after the fall of the coup Egypt would remain a civilian country and no one would be excluded. I tried to evoke them to share the revolutionaries in the streets, but unfortunately, they were afraid of and kept silent.
     Alignment should be based upon equality not duplicity. Should be based on sacrificing and appreciating, not just in media and nothing after that!  In fact, this is what happened and what we saw after relaunching Al-Sharq channel. That channel was closed as a revolutionary channel and we hoped it will remain so after the new launch, but it let us down. We thought it would support the alignment by preparing peoples minds to accept it, and by trying to convince the revolutionaries in the street not just to accept it, but also to call for it in their demonstrations. Now as we can see the channel exposes the alignment by media speech, which has nothing to do with reality. As a matter of fact, the big seven political symbols gathering around Dr. Ayman Noor and despite of being political outstanding figures, I didn`t permit to anyone to talk on behalf of me. However, at the end and after all we did not get from them except (the ten document) that was done in the same way they used to blame President Mohamed Morsy for before the coup. However, why they`re blaming him while they were running that period with the president Mohamed Morsy and were responsible just like him! They used to say they were in touch with president Morsi and were giving him advices and instructions until the coup happened. With all due respect to all of them as some of them sacrificed in varying degrees may be less or more than we did but the exclusivity of the scene is just to the political opportunism.
     I remind them that the youth have great vision and do many sacrifices unequalled to what those political divisions on TV channels do. Politicians who get tricked by speech will lead us definitely to a disaster. Although Al-sharq channel calls for alignment at every moment, it seems that they themselves  have been tricked by this alignment and can`t reach the rebels of both sides. We saw the return of Wael Ghonem and how he put the whole responsibility of the coup upon the Brotherhood organization. I was hoping if he would talk to the rebels who were in the streets since 30th of June and write that without their resistance there would not be any revolution for us to talk about.
On the other hand, I find the speech of 6th of April on their page is so shocking. Although their symbols are in jail and we all have pity on them, their speech is very bumptious towards brotherhood and the strugglers in the streets. That speech didn't save them from being arrested and followed by el Sisi and the counterrevolution!
       In fact, those people didn't learn the lesson from the fighter Abd el rahman yousif, who supported the 30th of June but he didn't hesitate to support the right party when he realized that the 3rd of July would lead to a coup. Although the supporters of legality firstly attacked his writings against the coup and el Sisi as they considered him one of the reasons of the coup, he resisted and didn`t pay attention to what they said and didn`t return to the wrong way. Instead, he continued fighting until he became a resistance icon for rebels in the streets and his writings turned to be a compass to show them the revolution way. Perhaps I have mentioned these examples to let the youth see the truth through this wonderful poet who has afforded so much. 
        Dear new aligned, the alignment isn`t as much complicated as chamberlain's codes!  Revolutionaries in the streets hate you because you misused freedom and helped in ousting president Mohamed Morsi, and now you should fight the dictatorship that you brought in 3rd of July to reconcile with yourself first before reconciling with others. Believe me no one can protect you from this oppressed people nether brotherhood nor liberal. Relieving speech will not protect you; just your deeds can save you from the expected wave of rage. I was one of the people who was hurt because of calling for alignment and am still struggling, but at least help us until we get you and Egypt to the safe shore. We will not help you if you do not want to help yourself first. Disease to be cured needs determination and willingness, and so alignment, needs only a fair speech reaches to the core of arrested and martyrs parents and families. Confess they were heroes and consider it the last call to save what is remaining from the liberalism -which I belong to- and to save other trends.
May god be witness upon this.